We have leagues that appeal to golfers of all skill levels. By joining a league you are making a commitment to play regularly, which will improve your skills and thus increase your fun. If you do not have the time to join, you can place your name on the sub list and play as needed. All of our leagues are run by their own committees. Call the clubhouse Call Oak Harbor Golf Club for league info at (419) 898-1493 with questions

Monday Seniors - Open to all men age 55 and older. 8:00 shotgun start from the first Monday in May until the Monday after Labor Day. Mondays before and after that the league starts at 9:00. Teams are drawn 15 minutes before tee time, and then play 9 holes with own ball and then a 9 hole scramble. Nothing to join, just be here no later than 20 minutes before tee time. The league has been playing for 40 years, one of the oldest well established senior leagues in Northwest Ohio. Come out and join the fun, all skill levels welcome!

Ladies Leagues - We have 3 opportunities for Ladies Leagues at Oak Harbor. All of our leagues welcome golfers of all skill levels. Our morning leagues are on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and they both tee off at 9:00 am. We have an after work league that plays on Mondays & Tuesdays after 5:00. For more information and to join, call Rose Call Rose at (419) 680-2639 (Tues morn), Jan Call Jan at (419) 559-5445, (Wed morn) and Sue Call Sue at (419) 340-0292 (evenings).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Men's Leagues - Two man teams, 9 hole handicap leagues. Golfers of all skill levels welcome, all tee off after 4:00. For more information and to join,call Ben at 419-898-1493 call Noe Call Noe at 419-573-2734 (Tuesday), Terry Call Terry at 419-341-3249 (Wednesday) and Craig Call Craig at 419-707-2870 (Thursday).